Only in Death, Does Duty End


On the fringes of Imperial Space, surrounded by a group of raging warp-storms known as The Great Reef, lies the Spinward Arm. The worlds of the Arm were brought into the Imperium of Man a thousand years ago by Saint Drusus, who led the armies of the Imperium to victory in the Arm.

Centuries later, the systems of the Arm were cut off, unheard from for over a hundred years, when the safe passages through The Great Reef became engulfed by the warp-storms. Those storms have begun to recede, and the forces of the Imperium can once again reach into the Arm.

The High Lords of Terra have elevated Lord General Slodan to the position of Warmaster, and he has assembled a crusade of awesome power to retake the worlds of the Spinward Arm for the Emperor of Man. One of the hundreds of Imperial Guard Regiments included in his forces is the 10th Dokkalgard Dragoons- this is the Crusade from their point of view.

The Spinward Arm Crusade

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