The Spinward Arm Crusade

Virbius Snatch & Grab

First Deployment

Order of Battle
Operation Iron Bee


Individual Platoon briefings to begin after morning mess, approximately 0900. A through F Companies to be ready for deployment no later than 1400. G Company to be ready for deployment no later than 1200.


Enemy forces on this planet have been providing stiff resistance in spite of the greater force of arms the Imperial forces have brought. The enemy strikes vulnerable points with great speed and accuracy, preferring to ambush supply convoys and attack isolated units, to engaging our forces openly. Intelligence gathered so far indicates that the Secessionist General Scarus is in overall command of forces on this planet, and is coordinating forces from an undiscovered location. Previous encounters with forces under this general indicate that he is a capable leader with a excellent grasp of tactics, which would account for the fact that the Secessionist forces have fought our advance to a standstill in spite of our superior forces.


Enemy forces are estimated to deploy in the squad- to company-level range and appear to be very adept at ambush and hit-and-run operations. Enemy forces have been observed using light vehicles, including Sentinel walkers and Chimera APCs, and have moderate air support.


Search for Secessionist General Scarus’ base of operations, and kill or capture the general.


Dokkalgard forces will drop in squad force, with the platoon and company leaders remaining in designated positions and setting up interconnecting vox-nets. Squads are free to operate in their designated AO as they see fit once on the ground. Squads are expected to periodically check in with their Platoon commanders, and report any appropriate discoveries. Deployment is via Valkyrie transports, and extraction is expected to be via the same. Be aware that the unusual storm activity on the planet may delay aircraft or alter flight routes.

Service Support

Each squad shall be issued vox scrambling equipment and rations for one (1) month. Additionally, any squad that does not regularly deploy with anti-armor weaponry shall be issued a missile launcher or meltagun. h3.

Command and Signal

Dokkalgard forces are to use frequency Kappa Lambda 2. When communicating to other regiments, any Dokkalgard unit is to identify with call-sign ‘Drake’ plus the company letter designator, platoon and squad numbers. For example, Drake Alpha Two-Two would be A Company, 2nd Platoon, 2nd Company. Daily radio checks are to be conducted as per company norms.



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