Major Carl Heikki

Executive Officer


WS 30
BS 35
S 30
T 30
AG 35
Int 45
Per 45
WP 45
Fel 40


Awareness +10, Command +10, Common Lore (IG, Imperium, Spinward Arm, War), Intimidate, Linguistics (High and Low Gothic), Logic +10, Navigate (Land), Scholastic Lore (Bureaucracy, Cryptology), Scrutiny +10, Tech-use.


Combat Formation, Air of Authority

Weapons & Equipment
Laspistol (Pistol, 30m, S/2/-, 1d10+2 E, Pen 0, Clip 30, Rld Half, Reliable)
Best Quality Lt. Carapace Armor (AP 6, Wt 7.5)
-often doesn’t wear Helmet


Carl Heikki spent several years in the Dokkalgard PDF before volunteering as a replacement officer for the 10th Dokkalgard Dragoons. In the 4 years since, he’s proven himself to be a smart and capable officer, though not as close with the men as the Colonel.

Major Heikki tends to be humorless, professional, and slightly distant when interacting with the guardsmen, but his tactical sense and administrative talents have earned him plenty of respect in the regiment. Where Tofte revels in leading from the front, Heikki prefers the command post, where he can follow the entire battle, issuing commands via vox. When in the field, Heikki’s Command Squad is never far from his side, so even while on the move he can call for support or communicate with distant units.

Major Carl Heikki

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