B Company

B Company, 10th Dokkalgard Dragoons

1st Platoon- Captain Tomasia (CO), Valkyrie Thunderclap

1st Squad- Sgt. Gunelle, Valkyrie Death Knell
2nd Squad- Sgt. Nivi, Valkyrie Changling
3rd Squad- Sgt. Kona, Valkyrie Psychopath
4th Squad- Cpl. Qila, Valkyrie Thunderclap

2nd Platoon- Lieutenant Ortu, (XO), Valkyrie Unlucky Pilgrim

1st Squad- Sgt. Sofus, Valkyrie Call to Victory
2nd Squad- Sgt. Verner, Valkyrie Titanicus
3rd Squad- Sgt. Poul, Valkyrie Battle Axe
4th Squad- Cpl. TOM, Valkyrie Unlucky Pilgrim

3rd Platoon- Lieutenant Bertram, Valkyrie Flame-Caster

1st Squad- Sgt. Vilken, Valkyrie Call to Power
2nd Squad- Sgt. Fannar, Valkyrie Sword-Caller
3rd Squad- Sgt. Jarlung, Valkyrie Emperor’s Shield
4th Squad- Cpl. Lenert, Valkyrie Flame Caster

4th Platoon- Lieutenant Mekkin, Valkyrie Ambush Taxi

1st Squad- Sgt. Okto, Valkyrie Blood of Victory
2nd Squad- Sgt. Jakop, Valkyrie Blind Raven
3rd Squad- Sgt. Rolf, Valkyrie Archenemy’s Bane
4th Squad- Cpl. Samur, Valkyrie_ Ambush Taxi_

5th Platoon- Lieutenant Kastor, Valkyrie Battlebright

1st Squad- Sgt. Svend, Valkyrie Emperor’s Mercy
2nd Squad- Sgt. Tobias, Valkyrie Hammerlance
3rd Squad- Sgt. Hans, Valkyrie Spear-Thrower
4th Squad- Cpl. Geron Valkyrie Battlebright

6th Platoon- Lieutenant Petronella, Valkyrie Spearpoint

1st Squad- Sgt. Levis, Valkyrie War Lance
2nd Squad- Sgt. Reija, Valkyrie Battlecry
3rd Squad- Sgt. Ilo, Valkyrie Warmonger
4th Squad- Cpl. Inttu, Valkyrie Spearpoint

7th Platoon- Lieutenant Maads, Valkyrie Warrior Woman

1st Squad- Sgt. Madicksen, Valkyrie Sage
2nd Squad- Sgt. Geert, Valkyrie Swordmaiden
3rd Squad- Sgt. Hartman, Valkyrie World Breaker
4th Squad- Cpl. Beka, Valkyrie Warrior Woman

8th Platoon- Lieutenant Anja, Valkyrie Shield Breaker

1st Squad- Sgt. Beinir Valkyrie Lord Commander
2nd Squad- Sgt. Ketil Valkyrie Emperor’s Daughter
3rd Squad- Sgt. Marja Valkyrie Stormbringer
4th Squad- Cpl. Tyrni Valkyrie Shield Breaker

B Company

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