Dyrnwyn Pattern Valkyrie


The Dyrnwyn-Pattern Valkyrie is a variant uniquely produced on the planet of Dokkalgard in the Segmentum Pacificus.

Notable Features

The Dyrnwyn-Pattern was designed out of necessity- Dokkalgard’s orbit is around a cold sun, and the temperatures on the planet rarely rise above freezing. The planet is extremely volcanically active, however, and the population lives in scattered temperate valleys nestled precariously between glaciers and lava floes. Because of this harsh terrain, all trade and travel happens by air, however Dokkalgard’s atmosphere is full of ash and combustible gasses, and the ground below is broken and ever-changing. The Dyrnwyn is designed flies in the ‘sweet spot’ below dangerous concentrations in the atmosphere, close to ground.

To successfully maneuver across the deadly terrain, the Dyrnwyn uses a forward-looking auspex to map the terrain as the ship flies, and the powerful cogitators onboard help the pilot compensate avoid obstructions.

On the battlefield, the Dyrnwyn uses these features to remain hidden from enemies sensors until the last possible minute, roaring into the drop-zone with little or no warning. Pilots of the Dokkalgard Dragoons often practice a Time-on-Target approach pattern, sending several squadrons on various courses, and then enveloping the target from all directions simultaneously to deliver their passengers.

In-Game Stats

Type: Flyer/Skimmer

Tactical speed: 20m/10AU
cruising speed: 1,100 kph
Manoeuvrability: +10
Structural integrity: 30
Size: enormous
Armour: front 30, side 30, rear 22
Crew: 2- Pilot (Dokkalgardian) and Co-Pilot (Navy)
Carrying capacity: 12
Weapons: 1 chin mounted multi-laser or lascannon, 2 hellstrike missiles.

Forward-scanning Auspex- +20 to Perception-based skill tests while flying
Cogitator Bank- +10 to Pilot: Aeronautica when made to avoid terrain

Dyrnwyn Pattern Valkyrie

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