316th Vitrian Warprinces

Heavy Mechanized infantry regiment engaged in the Spinward Arm Crusade.


The Vitrian Warprinces are an elite force raised on the hive-world Vitria. The guard regiments of Vitria are founded exclusively with the sons of the noble houses, who are schooled and drilled for several years in preparation. This practice creates a strong, dedicated force, well trained and extremely well supplied, and the 316th Princes are honored to be the vanguard force of the Crusade’s 5th Army.

The 316th Regiment fields over 4,000 guardsmen, supported by almost 500 armored vehicles and self-propelled artillery.

Vitrian guardsman are issued a high-quality lasgun, each with a built-in grenade launcher, and the Princes’ tactic of marching in formation, volleying grenades into the enemy, is well known.

The Warprinces have a reputation as being aloof, even unfriendly, as their higher-level upbringing tends to make them look down on other units, particularly those from ‘low-class’ worlds.

316th Vitrian Warprinces

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